Sponsorship Kit

First-time conferences are special

Hey Sponsor,

I cannot show you images of previous conferences, with attendees’ lovely smiling faces picking up their t-shirts at the registration table. Instead, those first moments have to be created, and you have the opportunity to be part of it.

I want RubyNess to be the place where Rubyists can exchange expert knowledge, and experience a friendly, open, diverse, and relaxed atmosphere, inclusive for everyone, from Ruby connoisseurs to programming newcomers. There’re few places where these values could match better than in the Scottish Highlands.

If you’re looking to attract talented Rails developers for your company, or you want to increase your brand awareness and product popularity, or perhaps you feel completely engaged with the RubyNess values, and you want the industry recognition for supporting a 1st edition of a Ruby conference; keep reading to see what sponsoring RubyNess will look like.


July 16-17, 2020


Eden Court, Inverness, UK

Room capacity

260 attendees

Onetouch theatre empty
Onetouch theatre people
Stalls foyer

Eden Court, Inverness

RubyNess 2020 will be hosted in Inverness, UK, at the Eden Court, one of the most iconic and vibrant venues in the Scottish Highlands. A venue used to hosting conferences and their sponsors, as well as music events, film festivals, and art exhibitions.

High end conference room

Presentations will be hosted in the OneTouch theatre, the second biggest room in the Eden Court. With a capacity for 260 attendees, it’s a high end room in terms of lighting, sound, and attendees’ comfort.

Comfortable networking space

For networking, catering, and sponsor exhibitors, the space called Stalls Foyer will be used. It’s a space in the first floor of the Eden Court, fully reserved for RubyNess, which directly connects to the conference room. Attendees will also have access to the Douglas Yule terrace.


≥ £200 + VAT
£1,000 + VAT
£3,500 + VAT
£6,000 + VAT
Number of packages52
Online benefits
Logo on homepage
Your logo will be added to the rubyness.org homepage. Its size and position will be proportional to the sponsorship level.
Logo on sponsors page
Your logo will be added to the rubyness.org/sponsors page. Its size and position will be proportional to the sponsorship level.
Description on the sponsor page
200-word descriptions of your business will be displayed right after your logo at the rubyness.org/sponsors page.
Number of job ads on job board
200-word job post at the rubyness.org/jobs page. The jobs will be announced on Twitter too. Position of the ad proportional to sponsorship level.
Twitter interactions
Tweets or retweets of your choice pre, post, or during the conference. Plus the announcement of your sponsorship once agreed.
Logo on the newsletter
Your logo will be added at the footer of all emails sent to attendees.
Logo at the start and end of recorded videos
All presentations will be recorded. Your logo will be part of the intro and end of all videos.
Onsite benefits
Mentions by the MC
The master of ceremonies will mention your company at the opening and end of RubyNess, thanking for the collaboration.
Logo on slides during breaks
During long breaks, your logo will be projected to the main screen.
Logo included in registration table banner
Near the registration table, there'll be a RubyNess branded banner, where your logo will also be included.
Inserts to attendee bag
Allowance to include an item of a reasonable size in the attendee bag.

small-medium item

medium-big item
Branded party drink vouchers
RubyNess will partner with a local pub in Inverness to celebrate a party. Attendees will have a free drink ticket, with your logo in it, inserted in the goodie bag.
Booth in networking area
A 6ft x 2ft trestle table is provided, placed exactly where the networking will happen. Chairs and electricity available. The sponsor is advised to carry a branded tablecloth for it, as well as banners to be placed behind and/or next to the table, using a reasonable space. Contact us to get a quote if you need a bigger table.
Number of free tickets
If you want to give away any of your tickets, we'll help tweeting and/or retweeting your give away announcement.


If you become a sponsor via one of the packages above, you have access to increase your benefits by selecting one of the additions below. There's only one available add-on of each type.

Coffee Sponsorship Add-on · £2,400 + VAT (1 available)
  • Branded paper coffee mugs.
  • Branded tablecloth for catering station.
  • Banner near the catering station.
  • Special MC mention.

Two or three long breaks will be carried out each day at RubyNess, when attendees will hang out in the networking area with sponsors, attendees, and speakers. During those breaks, some simple catering will be served: coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit. This add-on will give the catering station your branding.

The designs of the coffee mugs, tablecloth, as well as the banner, should be provided by the sponsor. The printing itself and the needed materials will be carried out by RubyNess, they're included in the price.

Video Sponsorship Add-on · £2,000 + VAT (1 available)
  • Videos of the presentations with your logo included throughout the whole video.
  • Special MC mention.

All the presentations of RubyNess will be recorded in order to reach a wider audience. This add-on lets the sponsor, together with the speakers, last forever on the recorded videos.

Ready to Sponsor?

Reach us out at hi@rubyness.org and we'll be very happy to help with any questions.

Also, if you have any other ideas about how you'd like to engage with the RubyNess attendees, we'd love to hear. Whether it is workshop, a "dinner with #{RUBY_HERO}", a contest, a branded bean bag space… we're open to new ideas.

When you're a Sponsor
  • We’ll ask for your logo — preferably in vector format — in multicolour and single color versions.
  • We’ll ask for PR details: tweet copy, time to publish, etc.
  • If your sponsorship package includes it, we’ll ask for your company description copy.
  • If your sponsorship package includes it, we’ll ask for job ad details: copy and a URL to link to.
  • If your sponsorship package includes it, we’ll ask you to send us your insert to the attendee bag, at least 2 weeks before the conference.
  • If you’ve got a booth benefit, note that you could send all your exhibitor customizations directly to Eden Court, 1 week in advance.