2020 Edition Cancellation

March 7, 2020

We’ve decided to cancel the RubyNess 2020 conference due to COVID-19 coronavirus uncertainty. As you can imagine, this has been a very hard decision to make, but we guess it’s the right call now. RubyNess will have a 1st edition, just not on 2020 unfortunately.

It’s indeed true that July seems very far away, and the RubyNess conference isn’t going to be a thousand people conference at all, however we still think the uncertainty caused by the virus can potentially complicate things for everyone — attendees, speakers, sponsors, and ourselves — if we move forward and the event is cancelled a few weeks from now.

If the event is not cancelled, but the situation remains uncertain, things won’t work out. People will be worried, and it’ll potentially be dangerous for everybody attending as well as all Invernesians.

We’re lucky because we’re in a great position to cancel now, given tickets aren’t still on sale, we don’t have sponsors just yet, and we haven’t approved any speaker talks. So basically, the cancellation might affect people July’s plans, but only that and not worst things like booked hotels, flights, etc.

From our side, we haven’t really made big financial investments either, and worst case scenario, we’ll lose the venue deposit, which we booked back in November 2019. We’re in the talks with the venue to see if we can reschedule or not.

Thanks so much everyone that has supported the RubyNess conference these last weeks — interested attendees, sponsors, and speakers — I’m super grateful.

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